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Is Dog Boarding School Right for My Dog?

Dog boarding and training as an educational approach deserves careful consideration before signing up:

  • Dog boarding school can be an effective way to train certain dogs, especially when you will be traveling or when there is some sort of disruption going on at home.

  • Before opting for dog boarding and training, it is important to consider some of the pros and cons of sending your pet off to training camp. In general it is always best for you to fully participate in your dog's education.

  • There are times when people just cannot do the bulk of their training themselves, in which case boarding school paired with follow up lessons can be a great option. 

Here are some typical questions and answers regarding my dog boarding and training camp:  

 Is this the best approach for my dog?

Most dogs have issues that require their human family members to be retrained, too. Sending your dog to boarding school will not create a push-button robot-dog; and why would you want one, anyway? In some cases boarded training actually results in a dog who is more able to identify an owner's handling inconsistencies in contrast to the professional trainer's skills! The best training always includes your participation. 

Our program includes follow-up training for you and your family along with your dog!

Will my dog be stuck in a kennel all day? Are the methods being used humane?

Many so-called boarding schools for dogs actually keep your dog in a stress-inducing, crowded kennel environment, and do short training sessions that use electronic collars to accelerate your dog toward fear-based behavioral suppression. Proper training uses positive reinforcement methods that reward desirable behaviors so that dogs repeat them with increasing frequency. The new behavior replace previous, unwanted behaviors without the use of punishment or negative attention. Dogs that learn in a home environment gain new skills that have meaning in their own homes, as well.

Your dog stays in our home, as a part of my dog-training-savvy family, under my one-on-one supervision. I only accept one dog training camp student at a time. I train without punishment, scolding, or harshness of any sort!

Will my dog forget us, or feel abandoned?

Personally, I would not send my own dogs away to a kennel; I really do not think they would understand why I had abandoned them, nor would they be able to anticipate my return. I would, however, be comfortable sending them to a facility where they engaged in cage-free daycare and play, returning home with me often enough times to consider the other environment a home-away-from home. Provided they had made friends with other pets and familiar, loving caretakers and I had observed them in this environment I then might feel better about leaving them for an overnight or extended stay. We require dogs to come for a few daycare visits, and for you to observe your dog interacting in our home with my family and pets, before we will do a dog camp with your pet. 

Your dog will feel safe and happy, and still love you--but have improved obedience and manners--when you return.

Will my dog receive lots of affection and attention?

Yes, and yes!

Will my dog receive socialization with other pets?

We have three family dogs who will provide play and role modeling for your dog-in-training. I teach small classes at my home and your dog will participate in classes with me. We have play classes and daycare dogs come for visits, so if your dog enjoys socialization with other pets there will be plenty of opportunities. We have a large property with a safely fenced half-acre yard as well as eight large fenced play-yards for daycare dogs. We have two large indoor training arenas as well.

Your dog will have a blast! 

What if my dog has an aggression problem?

I cannot do boarded training with aggressive dogs, since that would create an endangerment to my family and our pets. I can do intensive day-school and private training with you to help remedy your dog's aggressive behavior.

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